The Timeless Art of Stop Motion Animation in Explainer Video

The art of stop motion animation is probably the most ingrained art forms of modern movies. It actually originated in the early 1900,s and since then it has become popular. Most of the people are unaware about the use of stop motion animation in the film. It is simple to use stop motion animation in the explainer video. This stop motion animation will allow a person to bring the imagination into life. Those who are new in the artistic field can contribute greatly in the art form by this stop motion animation in the explainer video.

In the 1917, the world met with first successful animator, Helen Smith who released her production Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This new stop motion animation came to represent the technique versatility. In 1925, O’Brian’s films King Kong showed a success for stop motion animation.

In 1970, the Walt Disney Company first began to research with stop motion animation in the film industry. The best production of it was Mickey Mouse which was released in 1978. The Disney Company was highly delighted with the result of the short stop motion animation. The company first released a full stop motion movie known as The Black Hole.

Gradually this animation becomes popular and step into the era of independent animator. So, many fans loved to watch explainer videos with their favourite animators. For well-presented explainer videos, the stop motion technique has become popular hobby.

Over the time the stop animation technique has become popular that’s why the films creators include alluring animation such as Tauntauns, RoboCop, The Terminator, and The Return to Oz also used stop animation.

To know how to use stop motion animation in the explainer video, it is better to access high quality professional explainer videos. When a person use stop motion animation in the explainer video it become modernized and appears better.